1. hey brother i have some question about this topic, i wanna ask abaout the pholymophism concept and pholymorphic concept in ORM Laravel or Cake PHP. for my personally if I look by OOP rule, are you agree if this pholymorphic relationship is not a pholymorphism, they are two different things. and how about you? do you have some idea or some explanation for me about whats is the similarity of pholymorphism and pholymorphic relationship and what the differents of this this object?

    • haris

      The real Polymorphism in OOP and Polymorphic association / relationship is different.

      Polymorphic association demonstrated here is just an extended version of many-to-many relationships, which uses the concept of Polymorphism in many-to-many relationship. If I am not wrong, this was introduced in Ruby on Rails.

      To answer your question, do not compare this with the actual Polymorphism in OOP. This is just a concept that uses the idea behind Polymorphism.

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